Platform docs

New tool FAQ

Does Ontologic own any tools I might put on the platform?
No, we do not claim any ownership of tools you put on the platform. Our tool packager just makes it possible to use those tools through the platform’s interface.
Do I have to share my tool?
No, by default any tools you create are private to only you. If you want to share it more broadly, either with a specific working group or as a public tool, please reach out.
What if my tool has a license restricting the use?
You will be able to link to your tool’s license as part of the packaging process. All users should obey any license terms on tools they wish to use through the platform.
What happens to my tools if Ontologic ceases operation?
We want to be sure you'll always have access to data and tools you have put on the platform. Any data you keep on the platform is downloadable, including metadata about runs. By request, we can also make the docker containers and workflow scripts needed to run tools available.